Two Kisses I Cannot Forget - The First

I suppose that I might as well write about her. The guys on the flight deck are always asking me about the Princess. "What's she like?" "Did you two really get it on?" "Do you think a princess and a guy like you...?"

So here's my take (and this had better not get back to anyone!). To understand her, you have to understand Camie. She's Fixer's girl but I have to admit to appreciating her, if from a distance. Camie is abrasive, not hard. She's pretty, sure, but she will grind you down. She was able to drive Fixer like a speeder. And boy, when she drops her foot, he would move.

The Princess is hard, unyielding, and anything but subtle. She wears her heart on her sleve. But she is also passionate. That's the biggest contrast betwen her and the girls, like Camie, I knew back home. Camie was cool and apathetic. The galaxy didn't care about her and neither did she for it. The Princess is hot, she has a fire in her belly that moves her and those around her. She sparked and, I have to admit, I am enflamed.

Yes, I've had a crush on her since I saw that first holo. Her eyes were so big and lucid and earnest. She was speaking Ben's Jedi name but I felt - in a real and inexplicable way - that she was talking to me. I connected with her at that point. Sometimes, I don't know how, but I just know that our thoughts are going down parallel pathways. We may not be in the same corridor, but we're going the same direction, separated by the hull of a ship, the ice walls of a base, or the stone sanctuaries of an ancient temple. I have never felt this way about anyone before.

I would be dishonest if I neglected to mention that I was not simply drawn to her eyes. I mean, common, I am a guy, and that slinky white robe clings in all the right spots - if you catch my drift.

What I wasn't prepared for was how short she really is. At first, I never thought that I'd ever really meet her but fate (or, as Ben would have said, the Force) intervened and brought us together. Granted, the situation wasn't the best but still, when I walked into her cell and she was there lying down, all soft curves and defiance, I had to pause just to gaze. She broke the silence in that flirtatious way she has but underneath she was all detonator. It wasn't hard to spot so I came right to the point. I introduced myself. She was confused. I told her that I was there to rescue her (how lame was that - well, as Han is fond of saying, "you can take the boy out of moisture farm but sometimes you just can't take the moisture farm out of the boy"). She sensed a trap. I finally said the magic words, "Ben Kenobi". That was the cue and she responded - and HOW!

Talk about your take-charge kind of girl. To be honest, she intimidates me - stil - but even more so then. There was one specific instance, though, I knew she was more than blaster bolts in a nice package, when I knew that the Princess was special. We were still trying to make our escape from the Empire's battle station ("Death Star" - puh-leez I mean, who comes up with these names?). We came to a service shaft and I blasted the bridge controls. Suffice it to say that we had to swing across.

When we were ready to go, she kissed me. I must have looked at her odd because she thought up a quick explanation. When our eyes met, I am sure she blushed. "for luck" she said. Sure. She's never been good at hiding anything (I'm sure that has something to do with how she got picked up by the Empire in the first place) and I knew there was more than her quick explanation. The reason I know is because of how we swung across that shaft.

It would have been easier if she had climbed on my back or if one of us went across first and then laid down blaster cover for the other. But she grabbed on to me after that kiss. She laid her head against my chest, just like a little girl - a soft woman draped lovingly, not smotheringly, around her man - and for a moment that will last for an eternity in my mind...we flew.

Leia is her name, my princess, though Princess and leader to so many others. That she should respond so, to me - a kid from the Outer Rim....

There were hugs and awards, and another beautiful white dress (with a look-right-here plunging neckline!) and there was another kiss. But not for telling right now.

I know how everyone says that romances that bloom in the midst of turmoil - especially battle - are doomed. And you know, something may come up that will stop the romance. But for now, I know I've got a thing for her and I'm pretty sure she's got it for me.

If this gets back to her, I'll deny everything.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't know Tatooene was in the Alabama sector of the galaxy...

Anonymous Concerned Fellow Pilot said...

Dear Mr. Skywalker...

While I can understand that for the time being your statements of infatuation for the princess are made in full ignorance of the greater truth, perhaps you ought to consider stepping back from the budding fireworks, so to speak.

Just a thought so you don't get burned. Either that or stay away when she goes to a planet called Endor.

Concerned Fellow Pilot

Blogger L. Skywalker said...

Geez, you sound like Ben Kenobi (a great man). All "greater truth" and advice. Well, fellow pilot, I appreciate the concern. But do I detect a slight note of jealousy, hmmmmmmm?

Common, admit it. You're just jealous that the Princess is into me and not some fighter jock like you.

Well I've got news for you pally - even guys from the Outer Rim have got it where it counts!

Look, thanks for the "advice" (wink) but I wonder if you really care about anything, or anyone.

If you'll excuse me, I've got to get back to mapping these flight path changes to Dagobah.

Blogger kookychick252 said...

Oh Luke...

I can't say it...Leia, she...just... err...look, may the Force be with you, and let's leave it at that...
now run along to the Toshi station and pick up some power converters...it's for the best


Blogger L. Skywalker said...

Dear Some Gal,

Your last transmission was garbled and broken up. If you would like, you may try again.

I think you were trying to compliment me on the Princess. Thanks. I mean that.

I'm sure that there's a guy out there somewhere for you too so don't despair. It's a great big galaxy and the family of humanity is found on many worlds. If your man isn't where you are, get out a bit. Travel. But be careful. I don't particularly hold with those alien - human couplings so, if you want my advice, keep it in the family.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think she was trying to say DUDE, THAT'S your SISTER!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous Creeped out and concerned Senator... said...

Uhhhh..... Dude, either you jealous of "Ben" kanobi or you havent figured out hes your sister yet.......Polygamist....


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